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Nice Justin Bieber photos And Gummi Bear – Happy Birthday

April 25, 2013

Some cool Justin Bieber images:

Justin Bieber
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Image by Kris Bezy
Photo taken by Kris Bezy

This picture was named and edited by my 5 year old cousin Brandon. He made this picture for Hammer (aka Amber)

Justin Bieber
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Image by Tomodo89
Turns out this guy got popular after all! No doubt this support slot helped him out. This is the gig he broke his foot at near the end of his set.

[supporting Taylor Swift @ Wembley Arena, London]

Oleo! Who is that celebrating up there? Is he Justin Bieber? Noooooooo! Is he Michael Buble? Noooooooo! Is he Gummi Bear? Yeaaaaaaaaah! Special greetings fro…

Pascal Nègre, Président d’Universal music France, vient à la rencontre des étudiants de Skema à l’occasion de la sortie de son livre “Sans Contrefaçon”. Dans…

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